Agent Feature – Daniel Yamauchi

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Having grown up here his whole life – leaving to pursue school and other adventures – Dan moved back to his hometown of Prescott, Arizona at the beginning of 2018. Newly married and looking to be closer to family, he returned home to learn the family business under the capable wings of his mother and father, Kathleen and Shoyei Yamauchi, owners and founders of the Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate.

That time soon became complicated as his mother’s nearly decade long battle with breast cancer took a turn for the worse. After trial drugs and weeks spent in the hospital, Dan’s mother, Kathleen, passed away in the hospital on March 27, 2018 at the age of sixty-seven. It was a loss that Dan, nor any of the team, was ready for.

However, in the midst of trial and despair, Dan did not turn away. He steeled himself in the joy he has knowing his mother is in a better place and in the gratitude he has in getting to spend her last few months here on earth with her.

Since joining our team back in January, Dan has brought a much needed breath of fresh air to our group. With his quick wit and knowledge of all things technological, his talents are endless in helping bring the Kathleen Yamauchi Group up to speed in the latest and greatest advances in the real estate industry. Though he only had a few short months to observe and learn under Kathleen – the best of the best – he caught on quick and has become a huge asset to our team. Dan himself will attest that he still has much to learn, as do we all in this continually evolving business, but he works diligently and with a determination outmatched by most to learn and serve our clients with the same care and professionalism that his mother did.  Licensed to practice law in both Arizona and California, Dan mostly practiced law in the areas of construction, commercial, and real estate litigation – just another way in which he truly brings invaluable knowledge and experience to the Kathleen Yamauchi Group Team to help us serve our clients with the highest level of care.

In his personal life, Dan has been married to his wife Hannah for over a year now. Hannah is a teacher locally here in town and they both enjoy serving in the youth ministry Young Life, as well as rock climbing at Gripstone climbing gym and around the Quad city area.

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