Agent Feature – Sheila Mengarelli

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Meet one of our amazing agents on the Kathleen Yamauchi Group, Sheila Mengarelli. Working with both residential buyers and sellers, and commercial real estate buyers, Sheila tackles all spectrums with ease. With over 14 years of real estate experience under her belt, Sheila has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the real estate world in the Greater Prescott area. She spent her entire career working with Kathleen, constantly growing and learning from the best. The saying, “If you want something done, give it to a busy person,” could not fit anyone better than Sheila. Always going somewhere and working on multiple escrows, she remains on top of the ball, never dropping a task, and always making room for new clients. Sheila gives each of her clients her utmost attention and respect, and does everything she can to help them have a smooth and successful transaction. With Sheila, what you see is what you get: No hidden agendas. No false information. She is a straight shooter, sharp and intelligent, and always seeks to do what is best for her clients. Her can-do attitude allows the people she works with to relax and leave the details to her, having complete confidence that she is taking care of them.

In her personal life, Sheila is just as busy and just as motivated. In 1995, Sheila and her husband Greg moved to Prescott from Kansas with their two toddler sons so that Greg could become director of the camp, United Christian Youth Camp. Since then, their lives and their family have grown immensely! Now parents to nine children – yes, you read that right – they are expert jugglers in all they do. With five biological children, four adopted, and just last month having welcomed their first grandchild, Greg and Sheila understand the importance of family. Greg is still director of United Christian Youth Camp, but if you hadn’t guessed from his last name, he was also elected to be the Mayor of Prescott just this last year. Between Sheila doing real estate and managing a household, Greg running a camp and being Mayor, their family life, and all they do to give back to the community, their lives are crazy busy, and they wouldn’t have it any other way!

Sheila’s family is picture above, from left to right: son Cameron and his wife Sarah, Brady, Sheridan, Greg (Sheila’s husband), Lauren, Sheila, Brooklyn, Austin, Gavin, Keisha, and Trish.

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