August To-Dos For Homeowners

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Are you a homeowner in Prescott? Here is a great list of things to do this weekend from to wind your house down for the Summer and get it ready for the Fall (with some edits to specialize the article for Prescott)!

Checklist: August To-Dos For Homeowners

Besides being the hottest month of the year, August is a time of transition. Vacation season is winding down and the school year is starting, whatever that may look like for your kids this crazy year. Here are several key home maintenance chores to complete.

Transition time

Break out the backpacks, calculators, and lunch bags. Prepare a place at home for the kids to study and access a computer. Set aside the coolers and beach chairs for weekend use. Start packing away all your summer non-essentials as you prepare for the warmer weather to make its way out and the cooler weather to grace us with its presence (but hopefully not before some more monsoons!).

Eliminate wasp and bird nests

By late summer, pull down abandoned bird’s nests and scrub the area with hot soapy water. For wasp nests, wait until just after dusk when wasps are becoming dormant, then use wasp spray that projects a stream of 20 feet. The next day, inspect to ensure the wasps are gone before pulling down the nest. If you are allergic to wasp stings, call a professional exterminator.

Plant a fall garden

Harvest the last of your summer vegetables and prep the soil for planting a fall garden. Visit your garden center or shop online to choose vegetables that do well in your autumn climate. A great local place in Prescott to go is Watters Garden Center.

Have carpets cleaned / Do some late “Spring” Cleaning

Traffic in and out of the house peaks in summer and so does the dirt tracked inside. Have your carpets professionally cleaned in August so that they look and smell good for the upcoming season, though it might be best to do this after Monsoon/Rain season has officially ended. Also, if you didn’t quite get around to those spring cleaning tasks, it’s not too late. Do them now. Dust the cobwebs, wipe the baseboards, brush off the fan blades, and whatever else that normally gets overlooked in your every day to day cleaning.

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