Buying a New Mattress for Your Best Sleep

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When buying new furniture, there are just some things that you don’t want to buy used.

One of the main examples of this is a new mattress. Sometimes you can get lucky and find these second hand in really good condition, however, in most cases, it is best to just buy a new mattress. This way you make sure not only is the mattress clean, but also you can buy exactly what you need regarding firmness, size, etc.

In mattress shopping these days, you’ve got more options than ever with no shortage of brick-and-mortar and online-only retailers to choose from. Each with deals almost always going on and comparable prices to one another.

So, how do you find a mattress that is just right for you? What are some things to look for when mattress shopping? How do you pick the right mattress for your firmness needs, sleeping position, size, and other factors specific to you?

Well, here are some factors you should consider when you’re shopping for a perfect night’s sleep.

  1. Mattress construction: The most popular mattress types are inner spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and adjustable air mattresses. Each has pros and cons when it comes to durability and comfort customization.
  2. Firmness: Mattress firmness plays a huge role in the quality of your sleep. Mattresses that are too firm or too soft can cause aches and pains, so it‘s recommended that you test a mattress for 10- to 15 minutes in store before making a purchase.
  3. Sleeping position: Your mattress should match your sleeping style (side, back, face-down, etc.). You want a mattress that keeps your spine in proper alignment. For example, some mattresses are better for side sleepers, while others are better for back sleepers.
  4. Size: It’s not quite as simple as choosing between a king and a queen mattress. You should also consider your height, as some mattresses are a better fit for shorter people while tall people will want a longer mattress so their limbs aren’t hanging over the edge of the bed.
  5. Stability: For couples, you should consider how the mattress reacts when one person moves, so the other person’s sleep isn’t disturbed in the middle of the night.
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