Christmas is coming!

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Fifty-Nine days. That is how long we have until Christmas! Can you believe that? 2018 has flown by in a flash and while we are shocked at how quickly time passes, we are so excited that Christmas is on its way!

Soon enough we will have our first snow, the picture above only feeding our anticipation for that day. Sledding, snow ball fights, building snow men, and the new kind of beauty our town takes on when those white flurries stick to the ground.

While the leaves are changing from green to yellow and orange to red, they will continue to fall from their branches as the air chills and winter sets in. For many places, this may be a dreaded time, one with months of freezing temperatures that make it hard to even want to step outside. In Prescott, however, not only is our winter weather mild enough to only last for a few cool months, but it also grants us spouts of snow and freeze to give us that true winter wonderland feel during the holidays.

Fifty-Nine days. We have fifty-nine more days to enjoy this holiday season! Halloween is just around the corner, followed closely behind by Thanksgiving, and Christmas. While we love all the holiday cheer and festivities, we especially love our Christmas events here in Arizona’s Christmas city.

On December 1 starting at 1PM, Prescott will be hosting its 36th annual Christmas parade. The procession will march through downtown with people, carriages, and horses; all clad in their Christmas costumes amongst the floats. You can be sure that Santa and Mrs. Claus will attend to the delight of all the children, and will be staying after the parade for photos. You won’t want to miss out on this Prescott tradition, or the one that follows after – the Courthouse lighting.

The Courthouse lighting takes place on the night of December 1st after the parade. Starting at 5pm there will be live music and then at 6pm the premiere Christmas event happens when the entire downtown of Prescott is spectacularly lit up with innumerable Christmas lights. The Courthouse itself is lit up and decorated with candles and Christmas cheer. All the surrounding trees in downtown are wrapped with different colored lights, some even blinking and playing to songs. It is brilliant and marvelous, and a gorgeous sight to see.

Yet another Christmas celebration that takes place during the winter season here in Prescott is called Acker Musical Showcase, otherwise known as Acker Night. This will be Prescott’s 30th annual Acker night, running from 5:30-8:30pm on the night of December 7th. This is a long standing family tradition in Prescott where downtown businesses and musicians donate their time, and the musicians showcase their talents in support of keeping music alive and thriving for the youth in our town. All proceeds raised on Acker Night go to scholarships for music lessons, instruments, and local youth performing arts programs. At Acker night, bring friends and family, and enjoy walking around downtown listening to the many talented musicians in each building, and enjoy the cookies, cocoa, and cider that abound.

While there are many – and I mean MANY – other Christmas events that go on in Arizona’s Christmas City every year during the holiday season, these are the three main ones you won’t want to miss.

Fifty-nine days. Christmas will be here before we know it. So let’s enjoy this holiday season, partake in our amazing town’s Christmas festivities, and support our local businesses.

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