Enticing Home Buyers Who Are ‘Somewhat Interested’

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A client of mine asked what I could "do to entice the buyer" whose agents said they were "somewhat interested" which is a box they can check our showing feedback form. Unlike the sales of smaller ticket items, there is little we can do to convince another real estate agent to convince their home buyer to make an offer. "Somewhat interested" seldom translates into action. You might be "somewhat interested" in buying a Mercedes but to move on that interest isn’t something the dealer can control other than offering that car at a lower price or throwing in extras.

You could offer that agent a 1% bonus if they sell your home. In my experience such bonuses have not been effective. No one is going to persuade a buyer to buy a home. It’s our job to get the buyer into the home. A real estate agent will point out features and get answers to questions. But the buyer, alone, makes their decision.

You may, indeed, be priced fairly. But a severely reduced ticket price on a Mercedes is always more enticing.

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