Fall Is Here!

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And just like THAT… It’s Fall. Yesterday, Monday, September 23rd, was the official last day of Summer.

The warm sunny season couldn’t have ended in a more dramatic and symbolic way with an overcast, stormy day that had us pulling out our jackets. With barely a monsoon and a few wildfires burning around town, most of us were more than happy for the welcome rain, no matter the temperature.

It seems as though we went straight from Winter to Summer and then back to Winter again the way our seasons played out this year (though here’s hoping these cooler fall temperatures stick around before we hit winter temperatures again).

After the snowpocalypse storm back at the end of February, Spring felt like it was a rushed few weeks of nice weather before the heat kicked in. From there, we had some good Monsoon storms throughout the summer, but nothing compared to the entire season of torrential rains we’ve become accustomed to and had been expecting. And now, after that abysmal Monsoon season that left us solely with the Arizona heat and humidity with no rain to show for it, summer is over.

It’s almost October and we find ourselves having moved from temperatures in the 90s just weeks ago, straight down to 70-degree days and 50-degree nights. So, that being said, all we can say is: HELLO FALL!

If we aren’t going to have a monsoon season, then we’re more than happy to say goodbye to the heat and hello to the cooler weather.

Fall kicks off one of our favorite seasons.

Leaves around town begin to change as we are lucky enough to live in a beautiful town with grown trees full of leaves that change from yellow to orange to red, and every other fall color in between.

The air is filled with smells of cinnamon, pumpkin, and nutmeg. We break out the fall decorations of pumpkins and scare crows. The festivities of pumpkin patches, Halloween dress up, and Thanksgiving begin!

What’s not to love?

So, bring on the pumpkin spiced everything, the beautiful outdoor weather for recreational activities and strolling through downtown, and the entire Holiday season to come! We’re ready!

What are some things you most look forward to in the Fall season? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear!

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