Household To-Do’s This January

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Well, we’re here, it’s 2020! Just like that, another year is over and a new one is beginning. With January comes the putting away of holiday decorations until Christmas, organizing the home, and possibly doing some much needed maintenance around the house that you’ve been putting off.

From getting rid of clutter to getting ready for tax season, here is a short list of some things you can accomplish these first few months of the new year in order to make your life a little more organized.

Holiday storage: It’s time for that Elf to go sit on his eleven month shelf, along with all the other lights and decorations too. As you pack up, one thing you can do is take the time to throw away or donate anything you no longer want. Doing this – along with buying storage bins and properly packing things away – can really help with not only making storage easier, but also freeing up some probably much needed storage space (especially when your decorations collection seems to expand year after year).

Change Everything Out: January is a great time to change out things around the house. Water filters, flushing your water heater, smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries, burnt out light bulbs you haven’t got around to changing, and things such as this. This will help with the longevity of your household appliances and systems, keep you safe, and help take care of the little home maintenance details we tend to forget.

Prevent ice dams. In states that get some significant snow, beware of ice dams that occur when snow and ice melt and refreeze on roofs and in gutters. Heavy snow can cause roof and gutter damage as well as other problems to your home. To prevent dams from forming, make sure you have adequate insulation in the attic. Inspect the underside of roof decking and seal seams and other openings. The attic temperature should be close to the outside temperatures.

Snow removal. Whether you use a snow blower or a shovel, keep your sidewalks and drives clear. To improve traction and melt ice, use calcium chloride pellets instead of rock salt. Doing both of these things not only keeps you and your family safer when walking to and from the house, but it also helps with the upkeep of your concrete walkways.

Organize and declutter. Go closet by closet, and room by room, and get rid of stuff! Sell or donate to charity any belongings you no longer use or love (if you didn’t use it at all last year, chances are it can go). Digitize family photos and home videos, and go paperless with documents. Do not spend money on organizational tools and containers until you have completely purged and no exactly what you need.

Tax season prep. It’s that dreaded time. TAX SEASON (Dun, dun, dun)! That being said, it’s time to begin gathering the receipts and records needed to prepare your taxes. Make an appointment with your tax accountant and see what else you need to get in order for you to get the ball moving on completing your 2019 taxes on time.

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