How To Become A Morning Person

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We all have those people in our lives, don’t we? Those who always wake up on the right side of the bed, bright and early, ready to face the day. They are energetic and get out of bed with feet hitting the ground running. On the flip side, there are others who wake up bright and ugly, and the only thing they want to hit is the snooze button for the next thirty minutes.

As annoying as some morning people can be, do you ever wish you could become one of them? The ones that wake with a start, feeling refreshed and ready to go. The ones that get in that morning workout or wrap up some work before the rest of us even have our alarms going off. They seem so happy and seem to accomplish so much more in their days, and we are jealous!

Well, it might not be an easy or pleasant transition – especially since we are now in winter where when you wake up early it’s still dark outside – but if you really want to try to gear yourself into becoming more of a morning person, here are five tips to help you achieve that early bird status!

1. Create a morning schedule. Physically write down the things you’d like to complete in the morning and set a time for each. Then stick with it. Once you force yourself out of bed early one or two weeks consistently, you’ll find it gets easier and easier to do.

2. Let the light in. Whether natural or artificial, light tells your brain it’s time to get up and get going. If your room lacks large windows where you can open the blinds up, consider investing in a timed lamp or alarm clock with a light.

3. Prep and eat breakfast. Although there are many of us who chose the skip breakfast, it is key to perking up your energy in the morning. Try prepping protein-focused meals the night before or grab a yogurt or fruit and try to consume it right after you wake.

4. Get your body moving. Whether it’s a short walk around your neighborhood or a rigorous 5:30 am spin class, getting your blood pumping will help wake up your body and has a ton of other benefits, like stress and anxiety reduction.

5. Feed your mind. Stimulate your brain and do something you enjoy first thing in the morning. Try reading a favorite book, catching up on the news, doing daily meditation, or setting intentions.

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