How to Up Your Outdoor Entertainment Game

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With our summer months coming to an end, we can’t help but want to squeeze in every outdoor party, BBQ, and get together that we possibly can before the weather starts cooling off again.

There is nothing better than having friends or family over for a fun backyard party. Grilling, good drinks, board and yard games, water activities, and just good company with good conversation. What’s not to love?

If you’re wanting to throw a few last shindigs before summer is officially over – whether you have a huge yard for entertaining, or just a small deck – here are some things you can do to revamp your parties for the remainder of the season.

Get Some Giant Games

Who doesn’t love games like Jenga and Connect Four? Well, now you can get giant versions of these to put in your backyard to enjoy at every BBQ. These paired with your more traditional games such as Corn Hole and Can Jam (a new game that is growing in popularity), and your guests will have plenty to do to keep the fun going all night long.

Get an Outdoor Bar and Cooler

A traditional cooler will do the trick when having friends and family over, but if you really want to class up your outdoor parties, perhaps consider getting a nice outdoor bar. These tables often have expanding tops that hold drinks in ice beneath the surface and also create space to set your party foods such as chips and dip.

Get a Camouflaged Speaker

Nowadays, with so many varying types of Bluetooth speakers, there are so many great ways to bring the beats to you. One of these ways is camouflaged speakers. These are weather-proof speakers that look like a part of your normal landscaping (ex: like a rock), so they aren’t obtrusive, but also provide great tunes year-round for your outdoor festivities. This way you can just connect to your speakers outside rather than having to bring out your indoor Bluetooth speaker every time you want music.

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