It’s time to winterize your home in Prescott, AZ

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Winter is just around the corner and winterizing your home not only helps you and your family stay warm and snug during the upcoming months, and help you save on your energy bills, but more importantly it helps you protect your home from damage that can lead to costly repairs. So, here is a list of things below you can do to help further winterize your home.

How to winterize your home in Prescott:

  • Inspect your Gutters – Did you know that clogged gutters can cause water that is blocked to freeze and seep into your home? Take the time to clean them out and make sure that your downspouts are carrying the water away and not toward your house.
  • Locate and repair drafts – From electrical outlets to door frames, windows, and recessed lighting, these areas typically tend to be drafty. Sealing up these areas can save on your energy bill. Simply use a wet hand, or incense, to move over the areas to spot potential leaks.
  • Don’t forget to check you insulation – Attic’s require twelve inches of insulation and moisture problems can occur if your insulation has backing paper, so take the time to do an inspection.While you’re checking your attic’s insulation, don’t forget to check for any exposed pipes outside as they must be insulated from the cold too. Not only does it keep the pipes from freezing, it will prevent condensation from freezing on them, which will help save on energy bills.
  • Change Furnace Filters – Temperatures will be dropping soon so turn on your furnace and make sure that it’s working properly. Also, don’t forget to change the filter in your furnace. When you put the first furnace filter of the season in, don’t forget to set your digital calendar to remind you to replace it at monthly intervals throughout the cold season.
  • Check your smoke alarm – While you are inspecting so many other aspects of your home, don’t forget to make sure that your smoke alarms are all functioning, and replace the batteries as needed. Also, make sure that you have a functioning fire extinguisher as well.

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