January is National Radon Action Month

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designated January as Radon action month in 1999 to raise awareness of radon. Although radon levels in Arizona are in general low, there are areas throughout the state where levels are higher.

Radon testing in Prescott, AZ

Why should I test for radon in my home?

Radon is a result of the natural radioactive decay of uranium in rock, soil, and water. Radon can be found in all 50 states and low levels occur widely in the Earth’s crust.

Radon rises through the Earth’s crust and can enter a home or workplace through items such as a water heater, sinks, showers, as well as microscopic cracks in a building´s foundation. Homes and commercial buildings are often well insulated, and windows are typically kept closed which can allow radon to build up. Radon is more commonly seen in areas of boulders or deep rock fissures.

Free test radon test kits

Testing for Radon is easy and inexpensive. Free kits are available in Prescott.

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