July Online and Fun Calendars Despite COVID-19

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In Arizona, it seems like COVID-19 is coming back with a vengeance. Though we are having a lot more cases, Yavapai County is still fairing pretty well. It’s speculated that cases may just be increasing because we originally started out behind the curve nationally and are just now catching up, and facing the full force of the virus like others did back in April.

Either way, it seems like everyone is still wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizer wherever they go, and mostly trying to stay at home.

That being said, as far as events go in Prescott, things look a little uncertain once we get past the Rodeo and Fireworks show as many citizens are beginning to fear the virus again.

So, here is a fun calendar for the month of July, followed by some “events” happening online you could check out if you’re wanting to stay at home (all brought to you by our friends at Lawyer’s Title):

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