KYG Agent Feature – Molly Hohrein

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Meet Molly Hohrein, our Designated Broker. Before the passing of Kathleen, our dear friend and Designated Broker / Owner for over 16 years, Molly was the office manager of The Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate from the very first time its doors opened. She worked alongside Kathleen, quickly becoming her number two, her eyes and ears, and essentially her second brain. Often times Kathleen would start speaking a sentence only to have Molly finish it for her. It drove Kathleen mad and eventually became something we all laughed, and joked about.

After Kathleen passed, Molly reluctantly stepped up to fill in as Designated Broker. The word “reluctantly” is used because how does one work on moving on while still deeply mourning the loss of their friend who mentored them like a daughter for so many years? However, the business needed her, her team needed her, and Molly did not hesitate to step up to the plate. She did not and does not want Kathleen’s dream – her legacy – to die out.

An abundance of knowledge and experience, Molly was more than qualified. After a month of Broker’s classes to get her license, she passed the test and officially became Designated Broker. Though this has been a strange and hard transition for Molly, she has done it effortlessly, always seeking to support her team and do her job just as Kathleen used to – with class, kindness, respect, and professionalism. We don’t know where we would be without her and are so grateful for her caring heart, Real Estate smarts, and devotion to do what’s best for the business and our clients.

Pictured above is Molly’s family. Daughter Sophie on the left, daughter Maddy on the right, and her husband of twenty-two years, Brian, beside her. Brian is a recently retired Army National Guard First Sergeant and currently works for the Prescott Valley Police Department. Her daughters both attend school locally, Sophie enjoying dance, while Maddy is a fan of art. The Hohrein family is active in their Church and community, always volunteering and looking for ways to give back. They are true assets to our business and to Prescott as a whole!

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