Mistakes to avoid when House-hunting in Prescott

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House-hunting in Prescott, AZSo you’ve decided to buy a house in Prescott, and now you’re ready to dive in and start looking at homes. House-hunting is far more than visiting a few homes and picking the one you like best. There are some things you can do to save time, money and most of all your sanity.

Mortgage pre-approval

In a competitive buyer’s real estate market it is more important than ever to get pre-approved for a mortgage before searching for a home. A pre-approval shows sellers that you are indeed a serious buyer and it lets you know just exactly what you can afford. We have a list of preferred lenders to make your offer more appealing to a seller.

Making a wish list

Buying a home is an exciting time and to save precious time make sure to sit down and make a wish list before you start booking your weekends viewing homes.

A wish list helps you sort out just exactly what you are looking for, providing a clear vision that will save you time and money in the end. Just remember, no home will have everything on your list. Be ready to prioritize.

Don’t wait too long to view a house for sale

In a real estate market where homes for sale are here today and gone tomorrow, it is imperative that you do whatever it takes to view a home for sale as quickly as possible when your real estate agent calls. Waiting even a day can result in a lost opportunity

Avoid outspoken and sometimes uneducated advisers

From friends to family members everyone will have an opinion, too many opinions can cloud a sunny day.

Hire an experienced Real Estate Agent

Although generally, the thought is that you will save money buying a home on your own, the seller is thinking the same thing. We recommend that you hire a Prescott Real Estate agent to represent you. Our buyer representatives specialize in helping you locate the right home or property, at the right price, right away.

At Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate combined we have over 100 years of real estate experience ensuring that you will find the home that fits your needs and avoid costly mistakes when it comes time to negotiate on offer.

Contact Kathleen Yamauchi Group Real Estate or call (928)771-1111 to get started on your journey to find the right home at the right price in Prescott, AZ.

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