Outdoor Tasks to Keep Your Home Looking Sharp

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Wondering some ways you can make the outside of your home look a little nicer this season? Here are some things you can still accomplish during the warmer months to give your home that lovely curb appeal we all desire.

Update your outdoor lighting: Some fresh path lighting and new bulbs in your front porch light give your home that extra “wow” factor, not to mention make it easier for you to come and go when it starts to get dark earlier and the sun rises later in the morning. We suggest you use LED bulbs which are far more energy efficient and last almost five times longer than a normal light bulb.

Clean off your home’s siding: From wood siding to stucco, no matter the type of siding you have on your house, odds are it could use a little sprucing up. There are many different ways of going about this from a power-washer, to a soft-bristled brush by hand. Just don’t go too hard on it and make sure you don’t leave any streaks behind. With good preventative maintenance, a home’s siding can last for up to fifty years!

Inspect your foundation: Summer is a great time to inspect your foundation! With the weather being warm and mostly dry (aside from monsoons), it’s the best time to look at your foundation for cracks or damp spots (like under faucets). These things need to be fixed sooner rather than later so they don’t become larger issues later on.

Yard maintenance: Make sure your sprinklers are set to give your yard the water it needs (at least one inch a week). Also, stick to your mowing schedule. Letting your lawn grown too long and unruly can shock it too much later when you do eventually get around to cutting it. You might also want to consider laying some lawn grub-control to help deter bugs from eating your beautiful green lawn. These bugs will make your lawn not so green and beautiful if left unchecked.

Buy new tools: These will come in handy when doing the above-mentioned yard maintenance this summer as everything is blooming. An overgrown yard looks messy while a neat and trimmed one shows you truly care about your home. With plenty of holiday sales in the summer to choose from (Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day…), you’re sure to find some good deals!


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