Prescott Arizona is known as “Everybodys Hometown”

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Prescott's Western FoklorePrescott Arizona is rich with historic heritage as well as beautiful neighborhoods to call home. Located 96 miles northwest of Phoenix in the Bradshaw Mountains and at an elevation of 5,400 feet it is an ideal place to live.

Prescott has been dubbed “Everybody’s Hometown.” Due to the fact that most who come to Prescott  find something here that reminds them of where they grew up, “Everybody’s Hometown” seems most fitting.

Prescott also has a place in western folklore with the fact that Virgil Earp, Wyatt Earp’s older brother lived in Prescott in 1879 and told him of the boom town in Tombstone, Arizona. Tombstone prospered from about 1877-1890 through the mining of silver bullion. It is also rumored that Doc Holliday spent some time in Prescott just before heading to Tombstone. Teddy Roosevelt conscripted the original Roughriders from Prescott!

Downtown Prescott is a rich in historic heritage. Whiskey Row, dates back to 1864 and was visited by many well-known figures of that time, including Doc Holliday and the Earp brothers.  Destroyed in the fire, but restored, today Whiskey Row stands as a monument to the past. From mining to the Indian wars of the late 1800’s, Prescott AZ was the very center of activity and commerce in the region.

Prescott has long been a top retirement destination. With The generally mild weather and a four-season climate, the annual snowfall of 24 inches, and annual rainfall of 19 inches.

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