Prescott City Crews Repairing Roads From Storm

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With all the snow we received during the “snowpocalypse,” you might have noticed the not so great condition of our roads in the aftermath. As the snow piled up and was plowed away, plus the snow melting and then refreezing overnight, there has been some damage to the cities asphalt.

This continual scraping of the roads was unavoidable and we are so grateful to the crews for keeping our streets open and safe, but what is happening now with the damaged roads? What is happening with all the potholes and uneven surfaces? Well, just like getting the snow plowed away, our city is hard at work. Focusing on large potholes first, they’ve already begun to work on repairing our roads to make sure they are as safe as possible.

Some of these repairs may be temporary so they can get to as many as they can as quickly as possible, but they are working hard to fill the holes and repair our streets.

If you’re wondering how you can help with this endeavor, you can do so by notifying the city of any potholes or damages in the road you notice. Visit the city’s website here to report a problem. You can also call the Street Maintenance Division at 928-777-1126. Drive safe out there!

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