Prescott is One of America’s Most Sought After Places to Live!

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We all know why we love Prescott and love living here, but it’s also becoming known to many around the country as well that this is a great place to live!

Check out this great information from Hyland / Schneider REMAX Mountain Properties on why USA today has chosen Prescott, Arizona as it’s #21 most desirable locations to live:

Why Prescott Is Becoming One Of
America’s Most Sought After Locations

Those of us fortunate enough to live here already know just what Prescott has to offer, but it appears that these qualities are increasingly being recognized on a national scale.

A very recent article by USA Today looks at America’s most desirable locations for both career opportunities and retirement. Prescott was listed at #21 in the entire nation! See their input below:

“Prescott, AZ

• Population change due to migration, 2010-2019: +15.8% (+33,299)

• Overall population change, 2010-2019: +11.4% (+24,082)

• Change in employed population, 2010-2019: +18.5% (+15,914)

• 2019 population estimate: 235,099

From 2010 to 2019, over 33,000 more people moved to Prescott, Arizona than moved away from it – a 15.8% increase over the 2010 population. The Central Arizona area appears to be a popular place for seniors to relocate, as 31.7% of the population is age 65 or older – the eighth highest percentage in the country.

Like many other communities with a large number of senior residents, there were far more deaths in Prescott than births, which offset some of the population increases from migration. The community recorded 17,021 births compared with 26,532 deaths. This 4.5% natural decline in population was one of the largest in the country.”

Of course there are so many compelling reasons for living here, including:

  • Nearly 300 days of sunshine every year.
  • Our beautiful mountain setting and proximity to ski resorts.
  • An average daytime temperature of 70 degrees, with no extreme cold or heat.
  • Low annual precipitation, between 14 and 16 inches.
  • No hurricanes, earthquakes or tornadoes.
  • Thriving communities and so many activities to choose from.

Like many South Western locations, we’ve also seen a very steady stream of newcomers settling here after cashing out of their lucrative California properties.

All this is continually creating fantastic opportunities for home sellers in the area, with Prescott very much in-demand as a desirable place to live.

It also helps to explain why we have continued to see tremendous activity in real estate in recent months (see stats below for more evidence).

With all-time low mortgage rates further fueling excellent buyer sentiment, it really is a great time to sell. Why not contact us at the Hyland/Schneider Team at 928-445-2100 and find out more about the superb opportunities for you right now.


What’s Happening In The Prescott Real Estate Market?

July’s set of Prescott area real estate statistics again prove how amazing current market conditions are.

Perhaps most remarkable of all is that the number of homes sold last month actually increased by almost 5%, compared with July last year! The total of 192 homes also significantly outpaced June’s already impressive 136.

We also saw 3.52% growth in the average sold price in the area compared with the same period in 2019!

This is all happening against the continuing trend for lower inventory of available homes, something that’s been ongoing for many years now. Overall inventory actually fell by over 38% compared with July 2019, creating fantastic opportunities for home sellers, in terms of higher market visibility, fewer competitors and more robust asking prices, as reflected in the above stats.

The average number of days a home is currently on the market for has grown, but this can be at least partially explained by the extra time things can take in the current climate. As these figures demonstrate, it has little to do with an extremely healthy homes market at the moment.


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