Schools Out For COVID-19: Here’s Some Free Educational Resources

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Some of the latest news in regards to COVID-19 is that all Arizona schools will be closed for the remainder of the year with most schools continuing courses online.

While understandable with all that is going on, this comes with great sadness and difficultly for many. It means the cancelling of many time-honored rights of passage for students everywhere from Kindergarten graduations, 8th grade Promotions, state championships in sports, Proms, and getting to walk at your own High School or College graduation.

This is also a heavy burden on many parents as their kids are now home indefinitely and they may not have the option of working from home themselves. There’s also the matter of making sure your child is still being properly educated during the normal school days until summer vacation officially begins.

On that note, our friends at Lawyer’s Title have put together a list of free educational online resources in case you’re finding yourself in need of some new material during this crazy time.

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