Should You Remove Your Home From the Market For The Holidays?

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I addressed this same issue earlier in the month, but I still get numerous calls from Sellers wondering if they should remove their home from the market for the holidays. One couple I convince to reactivate their listing after they’d taken it "off for the winter", is especially happy – they received a good cash offer closing in 2 weeks.

The important thing to remember about "off-season" sales is this: if a buyer is looking in the cold and rain or snow, they are most likely serious buyers. The fair-weather browser won’t be scheduling an appointment to look at your home. It’s fair to guess that the winter buyer will be more interested in the home itself, the roaring fire and the apple pie in the oven than the view from the deck, so lay a fire on the hearth and have an "apple pie" candle ready for that call to show your home.

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