Some Winterizing Tips for Prescott Homes

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It is important that you take measures to ensure that your heating and cooling bills are as low as possible. These winterizing tips for Prescott homes will assist you in reducing your consumption levels during the cooler times of year:

Change Furnace Filters

When you notice signs that the temperature will be dropping soon, place a brand new filter in your furnace. Do so once each month until you know that your seasonal use is complete. When you place the first filter of the season, mark your digital calendar at monthly intervals throughout the cold season.

Locate and Repair Drafts

While windows and doors are the most obvious places for drafts to occur, switch-plates, dampers and hatches are all possible culprits. You may already know where some are, and you can do a visual inspection of the various entryways into your home, such as where your phone and cable lines enter. If you do not want to hire a professional, but want a more accurate assessment of your air flow problems, do the following:

  • On a highly windy day, turn off all of your gas appliances, including the pilot lights and ensure that your fireplace is extinguished.
  • Close all openings to the outside, including your flue, and turn on all of the exhaust fans that go from your home.
  • Use a wet hand, or an incense, to move over the areas with potential leaks.

Unocuppied Homes

Make sure that the thermostats on unocuppied homes are set no lower than 55 degrees to prevent broken pipes.

Exterior Faucets

Drain as much water as possible and remove hoses or connections from the spigot. Next inspect for any leaks and repair if necessary. Lastly you may want to install a hose bib cover for each outlet, they are simple to install and an inexpensive way to help protect your exterior faucets.




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