Sports in Prescott, Arizona.

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In our small town of Prescott, Arizona, we like our sports. Though we don’t have any big pro-teams to boast of, that only makes us more passionate about the teams we do have. Unlike other places, we love our high school and adult league sports because we love our community, supporting our friends and family, and we love to be involved. From the bigger sports such as football and soccer, to the “littler” sports like badminton and corn hole, odds are we’ve got something for you and your family to enjoy watching, or to participate in.

High School Sports:

Let’s start with Prescott’s main high school, Prescott High School, also known as PHS, home of the Badgers. Prescott High School offers a wide variety of sports and teams for your kids to join, and for the parents and community to watch. Basketball, Wrestling, Soccer, Baseball, Tennis, Softball, Baseball, Track, Boy’s Volleyball, Dance, and Cheer. This is just a list of sports that happen after Fall! Sports that are currently going on are Girl’s Volleyball, Girl’s Badminton, Football, Mountain Biking, Golf, Swim, and Cross County.

Friday night at PHS, the home Football game is packed with town people and students cheering on their team. They love to support their Badgers! It also doesn’t hurt that the school stadium is beautiful. Stands face gorgeous Thumb Butte that peaks out above the mountain ranges, back dropped  with a painted sunset sky of oranges and yellows. Come to a game all year round – whether it be football, soccer, or track – come support your Prescott Badgers and cheer them on along with the whole community! For more information on Badgers sports, click here.

Along with Prescott High School’s many sports, we also have Bradshaw Mountain High School in Prescott Valley, another big high school in the Prescott area. Bradshaw Mountain is known as the Bears and they are just as fierce! Currently they are having a good season in sports, their Varsity Football team with a 5-0 record thus far this year. Sports going on right now include Cross County, Football, Swim, girls Volleyball, Golf, and Mountain Biking. Other sports that will come up later in the year include Soccer, Wrestling, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis, and Cheer. Come out to any home game or event and support your local Prescott Valley Bears! For more information on Bears sports, click here.

Adult Sports:

Whether you’re an old high school athlete or a beginner, a parent with kids or an individual looking to meet some new people, and are looking for a sport to do, Prescott has options for you! As much as we love our high school sports and even younger age sports for parents, we also love to participate ourselves! Sometimes watching on the sidelines just isn’t enough. We want to be in the action! We want to play the sport again that we once loved at a younger age.

For those of us so inclined to get out on the “field” ourselves, here is a list of different organizations in town that run adult sports leagues and how to get in contact with them/ sign up.

YMCA Sports:

Sports include Flag Football, Soccer, Basketball, and Pickleball. All sports are offered with a competitive league and more relaxed co-ed league. Also, if you have a membership at the YMCA, you pay a discounted price to join a sports team. For more information, click here.


City of Prescott Adult Sports:

Sports include Men’s summer and winter Basketball, spring and fall Volleyball (men’s, women’s, and co-ed teams offered), summer softball (men’s, women’s, and co-ed teams offered), and a men’s fast pitch softball league. For more information, click here.

City of Prescott Valley Adult Sports:

Sports include: Softball (offered in both men’s and co-ed teams), Volleyball (offered in both women’s and co-ed teams), Men’s Basketball, co-ed Kickball, and corn toss for teams of two. For more information, click here.

These sports teams and programs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sporting activities available to the residents of Prescott, Arizona. For more information on events, sports, and generally everything going on in Prescott, visit the City of Prescott’s Website by clicking here.

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