The Drop in Mortgage Rates Brings Good News for Homebuyers

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By Keeping Matters Current Over the past few weeks, the average 30-year fixed mortgage rate from Freddie Mac fell by half a percent. The drop happened over concerns about a potential recession. And since mortgage rates have risen dramatically this year, homebuyers across the country should see this decline as welcome news. Freddie Mac reports that the average 30-year rate was down […]

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Real Estate Scams on Craigslist on the Rise

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Along with other scams that have been on the rise because of COVID-19, scams on Craigslist have been right up there with them. There have always been scammers on forums such as Craigslist, but with the Coronavirus, it seems to have gotten a whole lot worse. Check out this article from Scottsdale Area Association of […]

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