Housing Experts Say This Isn’t a Bubble

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With so much talk about an economic slowdown, some people are asking if the housing market is heading for a crash like the one in 2008. To really understand what’s happening with real estate today, it’s important to lean on the experts for reliable information. Here’s why economists and industry experts say the housing market is not a bubble ready to pop. […]

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March To-Dos for Your Home

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The weather has finally been warming up (can we get a “hallelujah”?)! With sunshine and blue skies, it’s beginning to be nice enough to put on those work boots and do some much needed inspecting around the home. Below is a list from houseopedia.com with some things to consider doing around your home now that the […]

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How to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home

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Although here in Prescott we’re still having some cooler weather, pretty soon things are going to start heating up! With warmer temperatures comes that beautiful weather we’re all looking forward to, however, it also brings along other things with it. That’s right, it’s almost snake season again, not to mention bugs too, but for now […]

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