Tax Time is here, are you ready to be a First Time Homebuyer?

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Just imagine for a moment for the first time in your life actually owning  a beautiful home with a spectacular view. Tax time is here and why not take that much anticipated tax return and invest it in being a first time home buyer in Prescott. With interest rates still at historical rates and rent continues to rise nationally it’s making it more affordable to buy versus rent.

There are many popular neighborhoods in Prescott with a wide range of prices to satisfy any budget. From Hassayampa, American Ranch, Rancho Diamante and High Valley Ranch your destination home is closer than you think.

Prescott offers a vibrant downtown historical area known as Whiskey Row and has over 400 miles of hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails offering something for everyone.

With many historic homes from the turn of the century and modern architectural marvels tucked into a beautiful mountainside, your first time home buying experience can be made simple with an professional, experienced and knowledgeable real estate company representing you.

When choosing a Real Estate agent do your homework

  • Ask for recent clients and contact them to hear about their experience with the realtor
  • Check out their licensing with the state of Arizona’s regulatory body
  • Get recommendations from your friends
  • Select an agent that possesses credentials that match your real estate needs
  • Check on their business history
  • Review their current listings

We wish you the joy that comes with owning a home and a hassle-free first time home buying experience. Before you get started and if you would like to learn more about first time home buying in Prescott, click here to contact us at the Kathleen Yamauchi Group today.


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