The holidays are on the way, should you remove your home from the market?

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Roaring fireAs the holidays approach I’m reminded of the calls that I often receive this time of year from Sellers wondering if they should remove their home from the market during the holidays.

Although you would think that leaving a home on the market during the holidays would be a bad real estate choice as these are considered “Off Season” times to buy, Off-season buyers who take time out of there busy holiday schedule and brave the cold are most likely very motivated buyers.

With many sellers holding out for Spring, keeping your home on the market will provide you with less competition.

You can also capitalize on the season by making your home feel cozy during the showing. The roar of a fire and the scent of a fresh apple pie in the oven may entice buyers more than the view from the deck. By the way did you know that emotion plays a big role in which home a buyer selects?

At the Kathleen Yamauchi Real Estate Group we have been providing our clients with proven advice on the real estate market and we have a team of real estate professionals who have an in depth amount of knowledge of the Prescott AZ real estate industry.

Do you have questions about keeping your home on the market? If so, contact us and experience services and results that you will not get from an individual real estate agent or simple real estate partnership.

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