The importance of a pre-inspection when selling your home

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Home Pre-InspectionCompeting for buyers has made it more important than ever to have your home pre-inspected prior to putting it on the market. With a buyers’ market in full swing, failure to do so can result in your home being pulled off the market to fix repairs that could have been remedied prior to listing your home.

A recent report from Trulia revealed a trend in 2016 of listed homes that moved from "for sale" to "pending" and "back-on-the-market", nearly doubling the rate of those in 2015. Many might have been avoided by having the home professionally inspected prior to putting it on the market.

Don’t give the potential home buyer a reason to walk away

Defects that go beyond those that are considered common issues during a potential buyers inspection such as the discovery of a cracked foundation or a roof issue may send a “don’t buy me” signal. A pre-inspection can give you peace of mind and more importantly reduce the chance that your buyer will be turned off by a poor inspection report and walk away.

How eager are you to sell?

So you’ve decided to sell your home, how eager are you to make the move? Preparing your home to sell of course goes far beyond curb appeal and paint. In the end, taking control of your listing with a pre-inspection is a cost-effective way to keep money in your pocket. The expense of paying a licensed contractor hired by a buyer as opposed to taking the first step to find and repair potential issues prior to putting your home on the market may be significant even if it does not result in the loss of a sale.

Trulia’s report also pointed out other factors that caused the failure of contracted sales, one of which you have very little control over – the potential buyer’s ability to acquire a mortgage. With that being said, a pre-inspection is a smart decision that only you have the power to control.

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