The Snow Storm Aftermath

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It was every bit  the storm meteorologists predicted and we aren’t sad about it! The above picture is astonishing, showing more than half of Arizona covered in white in the aftermath of the storm.

Starting Wednesday night 2/20/19 and continuing on through Friday 2/22/19, the winter storm dumped record breaking amounts of snow, leading Northern Arizonans to jokingly refer to it as “Snowpocalypse” or “Snowmageddon.” There were even parts of Phoenix and Tucson that got a light dusting of snow, which is unheard of!

The storm left us all in awe with its unceasing flurries and the beauty of our white capped town left behind in its wake. Social media was a buzz with pictures and videos of people enjoying the snow from shoveling it all to building snowmen and sledding, and trying to traverse through the onslaught of the storm. The entire town of Prescott practically shut down along with other cities too as highways and roads were closed due to impassable, and dangerous road conditions.

As we continue to dig ourselves out and drive carefully with the melting snow and refreezing ice, below is a final snowfall total for all towns in the Northern Arizona hemisphere from the US National Weather Service.  We hope you had some fun in the storm and continue to be safe out there.


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