Things to Consider When Pet Owners Shop For a Home

What You Should Look For When Shopping For A Home When You Have Pets

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What You Should Look For When Shopping For A Home When You Have Pets.

Furry family members are often considered when shopping for a home. After all, these furry pets are part of the family and their needs should be taken into consideration too when it comes to accommodating their needs for their next home. A few things to add to the home shopping checklist are:

Pet-Friendly Flooring:

When considering your next home, think about the flooring. Cat and dog owners might want to consider a home that has pet-friendly flooring as their pets’ claws may cause damage to the flooring. Think about looking for solid hardwood flooring like Bamboo, Hickory or Maple. It’s best to stay away from softer wood flooring options like Fir and Pine. Other options include laminate, poured concrete, or tile. Luxury laminate and tile both have incredible wood-look options to take into account. Carpeting may be less desirable since cats can claw at it, dogs can track in dirt and mud and for shedding furry family members, fur and dander can get trapped in the carpet.

Yard and Fencing.

Having a yard for your dogs to roam around is something most potential homebuyers would like for their furry family members. Having a fence to keep them contained in the yard might be a necessity for some. Even if the home doesn’t come with a fence, you might want to add one. Some homeowner associations don’t allow physical fencing that could detract from the neighborhood, but an electric fence is a good alternative to consider. 

Overall Location.

We live in an area that sees a lot of wildlife. Depending on your location, be aware of what animals are native to the neighborhood. Typically, dog owners want a home that is conducive to walks. Take into consideration if you need flat terrain, sidewalks or just a park nearby. We are blessed with many hiking trails and parks in our area to choose from including the Prescott Dog Park on Willow Creek Road where both small and big dogs have separate areas to run and socialize.

When discussing important aspects of a future home, make sure you take into account the needs of your pets. Together, we can find you your dream home and make all the family members — animal and human — happy.

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