Thinking of selling your home, buyers are looking for storage and closet space

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Closet organizationOur buyer representatives work exclusively with our clients to help them find just the right property to fit their needs. Recently I asked them for a list of items that our buyers often ask for and as a result I will be doing a 10 week series on what Prescott Real Estate Buyers are looking for and what Sellers can do to get the most out of their home and sell sooner.

Closet size & Storage

Storage is a common problem for most homeowners and homes that offer an abundance of space in closets and storage offer a great deal of appeal as this has been common request from our buyers.

Although there are many simple solutions to add to closets and create more storage the beginning starts with decluttering by getting rid of clothes that you no longer wear. Often times simply decluttering can open your sights to new possibilities to get the most space out of your existing closet.

Once the decluttering is done, the fun begins as there are a multitude of possibilities and products to create the perfect, functional space. Even the smallest closet can be turned into a useful, yet organized area for your belongings with a combination of shelving, baskets and tie racks. While your planning your closet makeover don’t forget to check out the vast array of repurposing ideas online, from using repurposed doors to give your closet a new look to utilizing wooden crates as shelving for storage, the possibilities are endless.

Lacking storage space? If so, perhaps dedicating a small room in your home for your storage is the best solution for you. With so many organization solutions available, you could be well on your way to attracting just the right buyer for your house in no time.

From simple DIY modular shelving units to thinking outside the box by repurposing or perhaps a custom closet solution tailored to fit you needs is more in tune to you what you envision, getting started today offers rewards tomorrow.

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