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In conjunction with the blog we posted earlier this week titled “Senior Smart Homes,” we wanted to take a look at smart homes in general and what that means for homeowners today.

In years passed, technology in our homes has advanced far more than we think to give it credit for. Garage doors used to have to be opened manually, now we press a button and it opens electronically for us. Homes went from using open windows and fireplaces for heating and cooling, to having central systems that do that for you. Even windows advanced from single pane to dual panes that help keep in your hot or cold air.

Fast forward to today, and those technological improvements seem very basic compared to what we have now.

In a blog post by Michelle Lind of Arizona REALTORS, she wrote, “In the past five years, we’ve seen a surge in home tech, with builders starting to integrate technology like smart thermostats and doorbells into new home construction. Devices such as Alexa and Google Home are becoming commonplace, and even appliances are getting connected through mobile apps and voice controls. In the near future, these home systems and entertainment devices will be fully integrated through a single control panel or app.”

These smart home technologies include things like being able to open your garage door from your phone… while you aren’t even home! Nest thermostats, which can be adjusted from your Smartphone as well, turning off when you aren’t home and turning back on when you return. That means, for example, you could be at work when it starts snowing and go on your phone to turn the heat up in your home so it’s warm when you arrive.

There are also smart home locks, with key code entry and motion detecting cameras. These locks allow you to see who is at your front door whether you are home or not, open you door by mobile device to let the UPS guy in to drop off packages so they don’t get stolen, or allow you into your home should you accidentally lock yourself out. The possibilities with these locks are endless.

These few things mentioned are possibly the most popular in today’s homes, but are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how vastly our technology within the home is expanding.

Smart refrigerators with touch screens. Lights that turn on and off as you enter and leave rooms. Smart shower heads that allow you to manage pressure, play music, and answer phone calls.

According to, in 2019, 33.2% of households will be using some sort of smart home technology. That number is expected to hit 53.9% by 2023!

Our world and our homes are changing! What are some smart home technologies you use in your home? We would love to hear about them in the comment section below!

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