What To Do With All Those Fallen Leaves

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As much as we love this Autumn season, if you rent or own a home, odds are you’re either buried in fallen leaves, or about to be.

Who doesn’t love the trees as they change from bright greens to yellows, oranges and reds? However, what you might not love is when all those leaves vacate the trees and relocate themselves all around your yard. Clogging gutters, covering walkways, and decomposing to look not so nice anymore, the leaves can quickly become a nuisance.

So, what can one do? Well, here are some tips and tricks on ways to deal with all those fallen leaves this year.

Use a Lawn Mower: If the majority of the fallen leaves are on your lawn (or you could even rake them onto your lawn), one option is to mow them. Just like grass, the leaves will get chopped up and sucked into the collection bag, making it easy for you to toss them in the trash. Not to mention, any tiny ground up pieces left over make for an amazing mulch on your lawn.

Use a Vacuum: This is probably the easiest option for collecting all those pesky leaves, or least laborious aside from hiring someone else to do the job. Using a leaf vacuum, you can suck up all the fallen leaves and along with other tree debris such as pine cones, and then just empty them into the trash. Done!

Use a Leaf Blower: If you have a smaller yard, simply raking the leaves is probably your best bet, but if you have a large yard with a lot of large trees, then a leaf blower is a good option for you.

Turn the Leaves into Mulch: As mentioned above, chopped leaves make for a great mulch. Spread them over your shrubs and garden to help preserve moisture and insulate your plants during the cooler weather. They also make for a good weed suppressant and help with the spreading of weeds.

Use a Tarp: If you aren’t concerned about any grass or lawn underneath, laying a tarp down under your larger trees is a good option as well. Once the leaves fall, all you have to do is pick up the tarp and empty it into the trash. Super easy!

Have Fun!: One last option (and definitely our favorite) is to make this a fun family time! Maybe instead of the above options, with your family you rake the leaves into a huge pile for jumping and playing in. Break out some hot cocoa or cider while you’re at it and enjoy the fall weather with those you love most!

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