When is the Right Time to Decorate for Christmas?

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With Thanksgiving only three days away, we’re sure you’ve seen eager friends and family members already setting up for the Christmas Holiday. Every year after Halloween it becomes more and more common for many people to seemingly skip right over Thanksgiving (not the actual holiday – because we still love a good excuse to stuff our faces with amazing food) and go straight to the tree trimming and light hanging.

Imagine sitting down at the family table for your Thanksgiving meal with the Christmas tree already set up in the corner. This is a common thing for many families and some of you may be asking, “What’s wrong with that?” Nothing at all! However, it does beg the question: is there a right and wrong time to set up for Christmas?

For those of us who love our fall decorations, waiting to set up for Christmas until Thanksgiving has passed makes the most sense. While we love Christmas decorations, we also love our pumpkins, fall leaves, and cute little scarecrows. Having these decorations up for the fall Holiday makes it feel more like Thanksgiving and removing them to set up for Christmas before the Holiday has passed would feel like skipping over it. As soon as that Thursday is done and over with though, we’re pulling out the tree and blasting Christmas music for all to hear.

On the other hand, there are those of us who somewhere between the first of November and Thanksgiving just can’t help ourselves! Out come the Christmas decorations and away go the fall decorations. To those people, one month is just not long enough time to get in all the Christmas joy and cheer they’ve been waiting to have all year round. Because that is what Christmas brings right? It’s not called “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” for nothing. We love our Christmas lights that bring awe and wonder, our joyful songs to which we know all the lyrics, the cookies and treats overflowing, the gifts to show your loved ones you care, caroling, hot cocoa, family gatherings, and the list could go on! There is just something about the Christmas season that makes it nearly everyone’s favorite holiday.

Maybe you land somewhere in the middle with your fall and Christmas decorations out at the same time? Maybe you don’t decorate for Christmas until two weeks before? Or, maybe you don’t decorate for the holidays at all? Write your comments below; we’d love to hear what your family does as far as decorating for the holidays.

Though everyone has their own opinions, I’m sure we can agree that there is no right or wrong time to decorate for the holidays. To each their own we say! So, whether your Christmas tree is waiting to be put up this weekend, or is already up, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry early Christmas to you and your family!

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