Why Prescott?

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When making the decision to relocate many factors can come into play. Reasons can range from community resources, better school systems, lower costs of living, environmental or health issues, a change in scenery, a job relocation, and so much more. Regardless of the reason for the relocation, Prescott has become a growing community for relocation for a variety of ages and stages in life. With its beautiful environment, small-town feel, clean air, and reasonable living expenses, who could blame people for seeing what Prescottonians have known for years – Prescott is amazing!


Between fine dining options and fast, easy restaurants, everyone is sure to find a place to enjoy a bite to eat. Many restaurants are locally sourced and even go the extra mile to acquire organic ingredients. There are American classics and ethnic favorites from all areas imaginable. Popular chain restaurants and local restaurants alike have found the thriving community of Prescott to bring continual business from both local residents and out of town visitors. Some restaurants have been around longer than most community members. Others bring a new style to old favorites. Many restaurants also offer nights of live music, local bands, game nights, or movie nights to their patrons. Whatever kind of food or atmosphere you are looking for, there is a dining location in Prescott that suits your wants and needs.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Prescott boasts a plethora of activities for outdoor enthusiasts of all varieties. Single track mountain biking trails, 80+ miles of trails associated with the Mile High Trail System, rock climbing for both sport and trad climbers of all levels, multiple lakes that allow kayaking and fishing, camping- both dispersed and in campgrounds, and horseback riding only begin to touch the surface of the outdoor activities available in the area. Access to the Prescott National Forest provides a quick getaway for those that have a short amount of time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. For those that have a bit more time on their hands, places like Sedona, the majestic Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, and the city life of Phoenix are no more than a day trip away.


During the summer, Prescott’s downtown plaza is a buzz of constant activity. The activities vary greatly and there is something to be found for all ages and interests. Art festivals, a Bluegrass festival, food and clothing vendors, live music events, movie nights, and so much more! The city makes efforts to draw people together and build community and relationships. Closing down streets and opening up areas for people to gather together fosters the building of relationships for which so many are searching. If art activities aren’t a draw, the community also comes together for Christmas caroling, bike rides, marathons, Big Brothers Big Sisters, “The World’s Oldest Rodeo”, and an Independence Day parade that lasts for hours and puts most to shame.


Prescott’s high desert and moderate climate is a draw for those looking to get out of the high heat of Phoenix, or enjoy the beauty of four mild seasons. As fall sets in around September, one can stand in wonder at the trees changing a kaleidoscope of colors from orange, yellow, and red! With a moderate snowfall in the winter, the snow is manageable and usually disappears in short order, but not before one can marvel at the white capped town, or enjoy a quick day of sledding. In the heat of the summer when the temperatures rise, monsoon weather kicks into high gear. These storms are a breathtaking site with thunder and lightning that thrill greater than any firework show. When these monsoon rains come in the hot afternoon, the temperature drops, bringing a refreshing rain that breathes life into this high desert life. Hills become green, streams and lakes fill, and life flourishes again.  

Whether it’s relocating your family or needing a second home with a different environment, the community of Prescott has a unique appeal like none other! Come visit and tell us what you think. Eat our food, walk on our trails, explore the quaint shops downtown. We’re sure you’ll find something to pique your interest.

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